Academy Curriculum

Students will follow a curriculum called Literacy for Life throughout year 7. This will continue into year 8 next year. This curriculum is topic based. Students in this methodology have 17 hours with the same teacher in Year 7. Instantly, students and families have a single point of contact within the Academy who has a focus on the academic and pastoral wellbeing of the students in their class. This allows the same level of intense focus and intervention on students in KS3 as KS4. Students are taught in a Year 7  base which again eases the transition process.

Students will follow our Key Stage 4 curriculum over 3 years, Year 9, 10 and 11. In year 8 students will be asked to choose their options. Please use the links on the right to find out more about the different subjects we offer students at GCSE level.

The Government have made some significant changes to the way in which your GCSEs are structured and as a result, all students will study 3 optional subjects over 3 years and 1 optional subject over 2 years, starting in Year 9. The subjects students can choose from have been placed in 4 ‘Blocks’ and they will need to select one subject from each of the blocks.

For more information on our KS4 offering please click here to see our 2018 options booklet.

Click on the subjects on the right hand side to find out more about each individual curriculum area.

To find out more about the Academy curriculum please contact the Academy on 01384 253722.