Enrichment Week – Monday 15th – Friday 19th July

We are holding our annual Enrichment week next week, I would like to share with you the arrangements with the timings for Monday’s visits and our expectations for uniform for the rest of the week.

Activity – Monday 15th July Time to arrive at Academy Estimated time returning to Academy
Activities within the Academy 8:40AM (Normal Time) 2:45PM Dismissed (Normal Time)
Cinema 8:40AM (Normal Time) 2:45PM Dismissed (Normal Time)
Drayton Manor 8:25AM (Report to main hall) 5:30PM (Estimated)
Alton Towers 7:15AM (Report to main hall) 6:00PM (Estimated)


Uniform Information

Monday 15th July – Non Uniform (Mufti), Tuesday 16th July – Full Academy Uniform, Wednesday 17th July (Sports Day) – Full Academy P.E. Kit, Thursday 18th July – Fully Academy Uniform, Friday 19th July – Full Academy Uniform.


I would also like to remind you that standards of behaviour, punctuality and attendance need to be maintained throughout this week.

Yours Faithfully

Mr AP Landers