Geography Field Trip – Carding Mill Valley

Mrs Taylor, Geography Teacher:  On Thursday 18th October, the Year 11 Geography students visited Carding Mill Valley in Shropshire.

This was the students’ second field work visit. The aim of this was to collect information to use in their GCSE Geography exam. During the day the students worked in groups collecting data on the flow of the river. They used corks to measure the speed of the river in two different areas. Students also studied the shape and size of pebbles in the two areas, to see whether erosion increases as a river flows downstream. The students worked well in their groups and collected valuable data that they used to complete a write up when they were back in school.

Alliya Rahim said “The geography trip was very good, we walked along the river to reach the waterfall. It was a very good experience and lots of fun”.

Neelam Khadim said “We went to Carding Mill Valley to do our field work, so that we can complete our geography exam. It was great!”