Pantomime Visit

Mrs Alam, L4L Lead Teacher:  On 23rd January Year 7 and 8 enjoyed a live pantomime performance of Sleeping Beauty. The interactive performance involved staff and students alike and a good time was had by all.  Here’s what students said about the performance:

“Maleficent was my favourite character and I found it funny.”  Vlad Crisu

“The pantomime was amazing, it was a different type of film, an interactive one where the audience is never bored.”  Furqaan Khadim

“I enjoyed the pantomime, I thought it was hilarious. My favourite character was Dame Dropalot. I loved the part when they used the Only Fools and Horses theme.” Jason Wheeler

“I liked it because it was funny and when they made a mistake they played along with it.”  Thomas Grazier

“I found the pantomime interesting and very funny.”  Dan Greenaway

“My favourite part was when the actors were running around the stage on horses and harassing the teachers.”  Jazmina Berchi