Pegasus Wins NCS Award

Mrs Lee, Vice Principal:  Last week Mr Townley, Mrs Turton and myself attended the ICC in Birmingham to receive an award from NCS (National Citizenship Award). We are extremely proud that this year we gained the ‘Silver Award’ to recognise our commitment and engagement in the NCS programme.

NCS is a part-residential youth programme taking place out of term time, which develops the skills and confidence of young people. NCS is founded on the three key principles of social cohesion, social engagement and social mobility.

NCS was offered to all of last year’s Year 11 students and we are delighted that 26% of the year group attended the three week programme.

The awards ceremony was well attended from various schools across the West Midlands and it was a pleasure to be there to represent Pegasus Academy.

The NCS will be launched with our current Year 11 students shortly after Christmas. We hope that we can continue with high numbers and aspire to beat last year’s 26% and go on to receive the Gold Award in 2019.