Values Driven Expectations Update

Dear Parent/carer,

We are pleased to report that since the introduction of our Values Driven Expectations policy there has been a marked improvement in behaviour in lessons and we would like to recognise the positive changes that the learners are making.

We wanted to communicate some changes with regards to the Values Driven Expectations policy with you. Whilst we continue to monitor and track students with multiple lines for the same issue, it has been directed by Dudley Academies Trust to amend the thresholds for sanctions. From January 2019 onward if your child accumulates 10 lines for the same issue they will be issued with a 2 hour SLT detention, 20 lines for the same issue will result in a day in Supporting Expectations and 30 lines will be a days fixed term exclusion. This in effect creates more opportunities for learners to make the right choices. We will, however, no longer be resetting lines totally to zero each half term, this is also a directive from Dudley Academies Trust.

Additionally, I wish to remind you that earrings should be small, plain, metal studs (one in each ear). Learners should also not wear hoodie type tops to the Academy as they are not deemed school uniform. Learners should expect to a gain a line if they are choosing not to comply with these expectations.

As you are already aware here at the Academy we use a cashless system for payment for food at break and lunch. Although the majority of learners manage their finances well, there are a small minority who are running up debt, some of these are significant. It has therefore been decided that a maximum debt/cap will be introduced so that learners cannot exceed £5.00 debit. In the event that an account has an outstanding balance, which can happen through some oversight, parents will be contacted by the Academy. If the debt is not cleared the learner will need to bring a packed lunch until the account is in credit. If you think you may be entitled to FSM and need support with applying for this, please contact the Academy.

We would like to thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully

Mrs S Lawson

Vice Principal