World Book Day

Mrs Turner, Literacy for Life Teacher: Students and staff arrived in style at the academy on Thursday 7th March dressed as their favourite book or story character. It was time to celebrate World Book Day with the L4L corridor decked with banners to greet the students. The whole school were encouraged to interrogate staff about their favourite books and find the matching posters around school to win an instant prize. This proved to be really successful and opened up opportunities for students to talk about why staff enjoyed their favourite book and also a chance for staff to enthuse students through their own love of books.

Staff certainly rose to the occasion with an array of characters including inflatable Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Cat in The Hat, Mary Poppins, Harry Potter and many more. The students really made a great effort too with an amazing Cruella De Vil winning a £5 Merry Hill gift voucher.

Students had also been busy during tutor time across the school creating their own book covers, fictional characters, book reviews and quizzes. Ten students were awarded Merry Hill gift vouchers for outstanding entries.

World Book Day was a real chance, particularly for L4L students, to build on their brilliant work in their Literacy for Life lessons. Being able to analyse characters, discuss the importance of text and explain why writers used particular language are all important skills that the students have been studying and are making brilliant progress. We can’t wait to build on the brilliant atmosphere and success of this year and make World Book day next year even bigger and engage student even more in the love of books.