Year 7 Residential – Boughton Woods Bushcraft

Miss Rawlings, Year 7 Intervention Coordinator: Recently thirty-one Year 7 students attended Boughton Woods Bushcraft. Here’s what they thought of their experience: “We had a fantastic time. We camped out and really went back to nature. We didn’t have any electric for the three days that we were there and our food was cooked mostly on camp fires. We had to collect all our own wood for the fires, on the day that we had pizza for lunch we had to get the pizza ovens really hot so we collected a big pile of wood for that. We learned about wilderness first aid and had to rescue our teachers from the wreckage of an aircraft (we think they were acting though). We also learnt how to fillet a salmon, make traps, make our own tools and shelters and we also had lots of fun playing games and singing camp songs.”